Issue 1
Jan/Feb 1999

HPC Implementation

What is HPC for Bridges?

Louetta Road Overpass-Lessons Learned

Q&A: Are there quantitative measurements for HPC?

Issue 2
March/April 1999

AASHTO Lead State Implementation

Washington State HPC Showcase Bridge

Effect of Curing Temperatures on Compressive Strength Development

Q&A: What is match curing and can I use it to determine specified release strengths and design strengths?

Issue 3
May/June 1999

Implementing HPC Bridges in Nebraska

I-25 over Yale Avenue-The Thin Solution

Specifying Durable Bridge Decks

Q&A: Is there special federal funding available for HPC bridges?

Issue 4
July/August 1999

Expectations for HPC Bridges

Crack Free HPC Bridge Deck - New Hampshire's Experience

Q&A: Is there a standard mix for HPC?

From Three Spans to One With HPC

International Symposium on High Performance Concrete

Issue 5
Sept/Oct 1999

HPC and Innovative Design Ensure Long-Term Durability

HPC for Durability of the Confederation Bridge

How to Achieve a Higher Modulus of Elasticity

Q&A: With HPC, should I specify compressive strength at 56 days rather than the traditional age of 28 days?

Issue 6
Nov/Dec 1999

HPC Bridges for the 21st Century

HPC in New York State Bridge Decks

Compression Testing of High Strength Concrete

Q&A: What are the pros and cons of the rapid chloride permeability test?

Issue 7
Jan/Feb 2000

HPC in Washington State

Use of HPC on Admiral Clarey Bridge, Hawaii

Improved Performance of New York State Bridge Decks

Q&A: Can I use a higher ratio between release strength and 28- or 56-day strength when using HPC in prestressed concrete girders?

Issue 8
March/April 2000

Charenton Canal Bridge - Louisiana's First HPC Bridge

A Fabricator's Opportunity

Camber of High Strength Concrete Bridge Girders

FHWA HPC Project

Issue 9
May/June 2000

High Performance Bridges: Not Just for States Anymore

Corrosion Modeling for HPC Specifications in North Carolina

Concrete Specification Requirements for Alabama's HPC Bridge

Letters to the Editor

Issue 10
July/August 2000

HPC Lead States Team Plans Transition

Tennessee's HPC Bridge Projects

HPC - The Fabricator's Viewpoint

PCI/FHWA/fib International Symposium on High Performance Concrete

NCHRP Projects

Issue 11
Sept/Oct 2000

High Performance Concrete—the Florida Experience

Lightweight Aggregate Concrete in Norwegian Bridges

The Øresund Link Concrete Strategy

20 Years of HPC Bridges in France

Issue 12
Nov/Dec 2000

HPC International Symposium

Q&A: The Rapid chloride permeability test