Issue 13
Jan/Feb 2001

PCEF Focuses on HPC Prestressed Bridge Members

The Rapid Migration Test - An Alternative To AASHTO T 277

Q&A: With precast concrete deck panels, can I assume composite action?

Issue 14
March/April 2001

IBRC Program Advances HPC

Missouri's HPC Bridge Experience

Capping Cylinders for Testing High Strength Concrete

TIA Offers HPC Workshops

Issue 15
May/June 2001

Curing for HPC Bridge Decks—Bring on the Water!

HPC Bridge Decks in Washington State

Ontario's HPC Performance Specification

Letters to the Editor

Issue 16
July/August 2001

South Dakota's First HPC Bridge

County Bridges in Ohio

Letters to the Editor

Benefits of Silica Fume In HPC

Q&A; What is reactive powder concrete?

Issue 17
Sept/Oct 2001

A Strategic Plan for HPC Bridges

HPC Repeat Success in New Hampshire

Benefits of Lightweight HPC

Compilation of Results from HPC Bridges

Issue 18
Nov/Dec 2001

Maryland SHA's First HPC Structure

Self-Consolidating Concrete - A New Class of Concrete

Benefits of Different Cements in HPC

Letters to the Editor

Issue 19
Jan/Feb 2002

Renewal of FHWA's HPC Technology Delivery Team

Benefits of Slag Cement in HPC

HPC for Chicago's Wacker Drive

Issue 20
March/April 2002

Implementation of A Strategic Plan for HPC Bridges

NCDOT's Experience with HPC

Benefits of Fly Ash in HPC

Q&A: Does HPC need to be air entrained for frost resistance?

Issue 21
May/June 2002

Prefabrication Minimizes Traffic Disruptions

Shear Tests of High-Strength Concrete Girders

Benefits of Corrosion Inhibitors in HPC

Q&A: Should high-strength concrete be used for cast-in-place concrete bridge decks?

Issue 22
July/August 2002

Delaware's HPC Bridges

The Bow River Bridge - A Precast Record

Benefits of Chemical Admixtures in HPC

Q&A: What is service life and how is it predicted?

Issue 23
Sept/Oct 2002

New York State - Full-Scale Implementation of HPC

HPC on the I-15 Reconstruction Project

Benefits of Air Entrainment in HPC

Specification Changes for HPC - Classes of Concrete and Cementitious Materials

Issue 24
Nov/Dec 2002

HPC Bridges in Canada

Ohio HPC Bridge Decks with Warranty

Benefits of Ternary Mixtures

Specification Changes for HPC - Accelerated Curing