Issue 25
Jan/Feb 2003

The Bridge of the Future

HPC Facilitates I-65 Bridge Replacement

HPC Comes to New Mexico

Specification Changes for HPC - Curing Concrete Bridge Decks

Issue 26
March/April 2003

HPC Accomplishments Under TEA-21 – What’s Next?

HPC on the Ohio Turnpike

HPC Pretensioned Girders for the Methow River Bridge

Sturgeon River Bridge: 100-Year Service Life

Q&A: What value of chloride permeability should I specify for a bridge deck?

Issue 27
May/June 2003

HPC for Wacker Drive Reconstruction

The Owner's Representative's Perspective

The Contractor's Perspective

The Concrete Supplier's Perspective

Issue 28
July/August 2003

HPC In Georgia

High Performance Concrete Bridge Decks in Minnesota

The Virginia Dare Bridge, NC

Specification Changes for HPC – Compressive Strength

Issue 29
Sept/Oct 2003

HPC for I-235 Bridge Reconstruction in Iowa

HPC for Cooper River Bridges

Specification Changes for HPC

Issue 30
Nov/Dec 2003

HPC for the Sacramento River Bridge

Mass Concrete in the Carquinez Bridge

Evolution of HPC Specifications in Texas

Q&A: What can be done to reduce cracking in a concrete bridge deck?

Issue 31
Jan/Feb 2004

New Jersey’s Move to HPC

Large-Scale Use of HPC for Bridges at Toronto Airport

Great Bend Bridge over the Susquehana River

Q&A: How can verticle pre-release cracks in prestressed concrete beams be avoided

Issue 32
March/April 2004

HPC Implementation Status

HPC Guide Specification for Bridges

Lightweight HPC on Route 106 Bridge in Virginia

Q&A: What curing is necessary for HPC precast, prestressed concrete beams after the strands are detensioned?

Issue 33
May/June 2004

Prefabricated Bridges for Rapid Construction

Maximum Effective Concrete Strengths in Pretensioned Beams

Self-Consolidating Concrete in Maine

Q&A: Does the use of high strength concrete reduce prestress losses in pretensioned bridge beams?

Issue 34
July/August 2004

HPC in Alaska

HPC Deck Panels for Jacques Cartier Bridge

The Air Void Analyzer

Q&A: When using match curing to determine the release strength of prestressed concrete beams, where should the temperature sensor in the beam be placed?

Issue 35
Sept/Oct 2004

HPC in Montana

Evolution of HPC in Washington State

HPC and FRP for Colorado Bridge Deck

Q&A: Can I use the LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for concrete strengths above 10 ksi (69 MPa)?

Issue 36
Nov/Dec 2004

HPC for Decks in Nevada

Lessons Learned in New Hampshire

HPC Tests – Alkali-Silica Reaction

Performance Based Durability Specifications