Issue 37
Jan/Feb 2005

HPC In Vermont

The Evolution of HPC In Virginia

The Rapid Migration Test for HPC

Q&A: What is the maximum modulus of elasticity that can be achieved with lightweight HPC?

Issue 38
March/April 2005

HPC Structural Designers’ Guide

Guide Specification for HPC Bridge Elements

HPC Overlay for Green River Bridge, Utah

Deck Cracking Repair Criteria in Texas

Issue 39
May/June 2005

HPC for Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

Improved Compressive Strength Testing

Issue 40
July/August 2005

20-Year Bridge Service Life, Is It Possible?

Galveston Bay Bridges

HPC Tests – Sulfate Resistance

Q&A: What is the status on the use of self-consolidating concrete in bridges?

Issue 41
Sept/Oct 2005

Cooper River Bridge – A High Performance Contract

Design Challenges

Construction Challenges

Concrete Supplier’s Challenges

Issue 42
Winter 2005/2006

Louisiana’s HPC Development – A High Performance Contract

Atlanta’s Fifth Runway Bridges

Creep Testing

Issue 43
Spring 2006

SAFETEA-LU HPC Bridge Research and Deployment Program

New Jersey’s First Segmental Concrete Bridge

New York State’s Use of High Strength High Performance Concrete

HPC Mixture Development for Montana Using Local Materials

The Impact of Fly Ash on Air-Entrained Concrete

Issue 44
Summer 2006

Federal Response to Bridge Emergencies

I-10 Twin Bridges in Louisiana

I-10 Bridge over Escambia Bay

Issue 45
Fall 2006

Reducing Cracks in Concrete Bridge Decks

Early Age Cracking in South Carolina’s Bridge Decks

Mitigating Deck Cracking in Pennsylvania

Q&A: How do we measure the cracking tendency of concrete?

Issue 46
Sept/Oct 2007

Specifications to Reduce Bridge Deck Cracking

Controlling Concrete Bridge Deck Cracking in Indiana

Cracking in Colorado Bridge Decks

Great Salt Lake Causeway Railroad Bridge

HPC Tests—Unrestrained Drying Shrinkage

Issue 47
Jan/Feb 2008

HPC Bridge Views Goes Electronic

Veterans’ Glass City Skyway—10,000 psi Mass Concrete

Mass Concrete and the Benicia-Martinez Bridge

Thermal Issues in High Performance Concrete

Mass Concrete Provisions in Texas

Issue 48
Mar/April 2008

HPC Spans San Francisco Bay

Hood Canal Bridge West-Half Retrofit and East-Half Replacement

North Avenue Bridge Reconstruction