Issue 49
May/June 2008

Lightweight Concrete and the New Benicia-Martinez Bridge

Lightweight Concrete for the Route 33 Bridge over the Mattaponi River

Jeff Danzer Bridge, Ohio

Creep and Shrinkage of Structural Lightweight Concretes

Issue 50
July/Aug 2008

Self-Consolidating Concrete Bridge Applications are Expanding

Self-Consolidating Concrete for Beams Speeds Biloxi Bay Bridge Construction

Implementing SCC Technology in Nebraska—All About Working Together

ASTM Test Methods for Self-Consolidating Concrete

Issue 51
Sept/Oct 2008

FHWA Alkali-Silica Reactivity Development and Deployment Program

Guide Specification for Concrete Subject to ASR

ASR Prevention in Texas

Virginia's Approach to ASR

Issue 52
Nov/Dec 2008

I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

HPC for 100-Year Life Span

High Performance Concrete for the I-35W Bridge

Issue 53
Jan/Feb 2009

Updated FHWA HPC Survey

HPC in Iowa

SCC for the Route 52 Bridge over the Wallkill River

Issue 54
Mar/Apr 2009

HPC for a Context Sensitive Bridge Replacement

Demonbreun Street Viaduct

Louisiana’s First 10,000 psi Box Girder Bridge with U-Beams

Producer’s Experience with 10,000 psi Concrete and 0.7-in. Diameter Strands

Issue 55
May/June 2009

Specifications to Reduce Bridge Deck Cracking

Experiences with Ohio HPC Bridge Decks with Warranty Program

High Performance Concrete in Colorado

Issue 56
July/Aug 2009

The Evolution of HPC in Vermont

Pennsylvania's Experience with HPC Bridge Decks

Introduction of HPC by the Maine DOT

Issue 57
Sept/Oct 2009

Ultra-High Performance Concrete in Iowa

Green Mass Concrete for the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

High Strength Concrete for the Roslyn Viaduct

Importance of End Surface Preparation when Testing High Strength Concrete Cylinders

Letter to the Editor from Silica Fume Association

Issue 58
Nov/Dec 2009

HPC for the Rigolets Pass Bridge

Rigolets Pass Bridge—HPC Material Property Studies

Concrete Permeability Testing - Part 1

Q & A

Issue 59
Jan/Feb 2010

HPC for the North-South Road Grade Separation Structure, Hawaii

HPC Precast Panels Provide Accelerated Construction of 24th Street Bridge

Specifying High Strength Lightweight Concrete for Bridges

Concrete Permeability Testing – Part 2

Issue 60
Mar/Apr 2010

High Performance Concrete Bridge Decks Revisited

High Strength Concrete for the Girders of Colorado's SH58 Ramp A Flyover

FHWA Research Program on Lightweight High Performance Concrete

ASTM Test Method for Static Segregation Resistance of Self-Consolidating Concrete