Issue 61
May/June 2010

High Strength Lightweight Concrete for Use in Precast, Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders in Georgia

High Strength Lightweight Concrete Properties of the I-85 Ramp over State Route 34

Measurement of Air Content in Concrete

Issue 62
July/Aug 2010

HPC for the Angeles Crest Bridge 1

HPC for the I-10 Bridges in Louisiana

AASHTO Adopts Recommended Practice on Alkali-Silica Reactivity

Q & A

Letter to the Editor

Issue 63
Sept/Oct 2010

The Colorado River Bridge at Hoover Dam—Overview

The Colorado River Bridge at Hoover Dam—Design Aspects with HPC

The Colorado River Bridge at Hoover Dam—Concrete Production and Placement

Issue 64
Nov/Dec 2010

Implementing Self-Consolidating Concrete Technology in Washington State

HPC for the Spliced Girders of Kealakaha Stream Bridge, Hawaii

Transfer and Development Length of 0.7-in. (17.8-mm) Diameter Strands in Pretensioned Concrete Bridge Girders

Testing and Predicting the Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete

Issue 65
Jan/Feb 2011

FHWA's Every Day Counts Initiative

Ultra-High Performance Concrete Waffle Slab Bridge Deck for Wapello County, Iowa

Q & A

Issue 66
Mar/Apr 2011

HPC for Route 36 Highlands Bridge, NJ

High Strength Concrete for the Hoosick River Crossing

Field-Cast UHPC Connections for Modular Bridge Deck Elements

Finding Articles in HPC Bridge Views

Issue 67
May/June 2011

Wisconsin's Experience with HPC Bridge Decks

HSC for Route 22 Bridge over the Kentucky River

Benefits of Metakaolin in HPC

Curing, Shrinkage, and Cracking of Ternary Concrete Mixes

Issue 68
July/Aug 2011

HPC Bridge Views—Then and Now

Self-Consolidating Concrete for Caissons in the Stalnaker Run Bridge

Q & A

Issue 69
Jan/Feb 2013


Fully Precast Bridge System used in Washington State Highways For Life Project, Part 1—Research

Improving Concrete Bridge Decks with Internal Curing

Preserving Bridges—It Means More than You Think

Issue 70
Mar/Apr 2013

Eliminating Bridge Joints – A Preservation Strategy

Fully Precast Bridge System used in Washington State Highways for Life Project, Part 2—Bridge Design and Construction

Crystalline Silica Rule Under Review at the Office of Management and Budget

Issue 71
Jul/Aug 2013

The New Shear Resistance Factor for Lightweight Concrete and Its Effects on Design

Prediction of SCC Formwork Pressure

Manette Bridge 303/4A Replacement

Issue 72
Sept/Oct 2013

Genesee Avenue Pedestrian Overcrossing, a Concrete Bridge with a High Degree of Curvature

Controlling Prestress Release Cracks in High Performance Concrete Bridge Girders

How to Specify and Construct Durable Crack Free Bridge Decks: Washington State Experience