Issue 73
Nov/Dec 2013

Landmark in the Works: Novel Use of Post-Tensioning in a Highly Curved Bridge

Evaluation of Common Design Policies for Precast Prestressed I-Girder Bridges

Welded Wire Reinforcement Utilized as Shear Reinforcement in Concrete Bridge Girders

Issue 74
Jan/Feb 2014

Piles with Corrosion-Free Carbon Fiber Composite Cable in Virginia

Corrosion of Reinforcement in High Performance Concrete

Stainless Steel Prestressing Strand for Durable Bridge Piles

Further Improvements in Post-Tensioning Grout Materials

Issue 75
March/April 2014

Portland-Limestone Cement—A Choice Material for Sustainable Concrete

Michigan’s Experience with Floodcoats

Washington State DOT’s use of Modified Concrete Overlays to preserve bridge decks

Issue 76
May/June 2014

Sustainable Bridges and Infrastructure (Part I)

Envision Emerges: A new way to track bridge sustainability available for owners, project teams

Evaluating Sustainability with INVEST

Issue 77
July/August 2014

Issue 78
Sept/Oct 2014

Issue 79
Nov/Dec 2015

Issue 80
March/April 2016

Fundamentals of Crack Control in Reinforced Concrete

Michigan’s Experience with Ductile ECC for Bridge Decks

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture Usage in Hawaii Bridge Decks

Sustainable Bridges and Infrastructure (Part II)


Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Connections

Low-Cracking High-Performance Concrete Bridge Decks

Reducing Steel in Bridge Decks

VDOT's Use of Concrete Closure Pours to Eliminate Bridge Deck Expansion Joints

Improving Durability of Bridge Decks using High Performance Concrete

Selecting a Bridge Joint System

Mass Concrete Specifications – Two States' Perspectives

Drilled Shafts as Mass Concrete?

Evaluation of Performance Based Concrete for Bridge Decks in Washington State